Monday, January 24, 2011

Pinay Confessions : That's the Spirit

I was supposed to be attending my review class for Civil Law one Thursday night but decided to hang out with my boyfriend and his friends and have a few drinks instead. The beer made me feel hot. My boyfriend’s hand, which was discreetly touching my bottom under the table, made me feel even hotter. When he went to the comfort room, I followed him inside. There I felt his hardened shaft and, to my delight, he pulled my pants down and kissed me down there. But fearing that his friends might suspect us of something, we decided to hold out and go. But every shot of liquor just made us itch for each other, so we said goodbye to his friends and went inside our university. We headed to the fourth floor of the oldest building, which people say is haunted. We walked through the darkness of the hall and found ourselves taking off each other’s clothes inside the girl’s comfort room.

Naked, wild and in heat, we kissed each other madly. We made passionate love. It was then that I noticed that the CR was so dark and the only light was coming from that small window. As he was pumping me, the doors of the cubicle suddenly moved to and fro. We’re sure it wasn’t the wind. But to hell with that. We were so horny we just kept the rollercoaster ride going. He made me turn my back to him and, as I felt him enter me from behind, the toilets flushed one by one.

We both heard the strange occurrence but proceeded to do the missionary. As we both climaxed, the doors finally stopped moving. It was only then that we felt the scare of our lives. We immediately wore our clothes and left the CR, hoping there were no guards around. Since then, we’d never gone back to that CR. We thought of doing it again somewhere else—perhaps a place where the spirits are in peace.
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